Detergencia y Textil Química, S.L. was founded in February 2005, although its partners had extensive experience spanning over 10 years in the chemical industry, specialising in, among other areas, detergency products, textiles and plastic products.
With a constantly growing product range, including our star product: phosphonates.
Sediments, unwanted metal ions, corrosions, deposits, etc., these are problems encountered by all industries that use water in their processes and/or products. Phosphonates have been and continue to play a key role in solving these problems.

At our new facilities, spanning over 600 m2, with our equipment and logistical services, we can deliver any product to our customers with the following time frames:

Province…..24 Horas.
Rest of Spain…..48/72 Hours.
International…..1 Week.

DYT QUÍMICA, S.L.’s business is based on the following foundations:

Continuous research and development of new products, constantly adapting to market demands.
Strongly backing quality to gain our customers’ trust and satisfaction.

R + D + Quality + Trust = DYT QUÍMICA